KINGS OF SPADE Flamingo Rider (Maui), Backset, Azato, Soundsex


Details on the Show: NextDoor & Centered Presents:

Where: NextDoor, 43 N Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96817 When: Friday, May 17th 2024 Doors: 8pm Show: 7pm - 11pm Live Music.   Kings of Spade play at 10pm.  LINEUP:

630pm | DOORS OPEN 7-8PM | AZATO (Roots Regge) 8-9PM | BACKSET (Jawaiian Soul) 9-10PM | FLAMINGO RIDER (MAUI Indie/Blues/Rock) 10-11PM | KINGS OF SPADE (Blues Rock) 11-CLOSE | SOUNDSEX (House, Techno)

Age Limit:  21+ welcome Prices:  $19 General Admission $100 Reserved Table Seating near the stage for 2ppl (4 available) $250 Bottle Service for 4ppl (back of club near Shepard Fairey Poster - not a good view of the stage) (2 available) $400 Bottle Service for 4ppl (overlooking dance floor, raised view of stage) (1 available)

Tickets on sale at:           AAAHHHH hows this flyer?!?!?!?! If you know you KNOW!!!   I love NextDoor with my whole heart.  It's high ceilings, beautiful brick walls, and gritty underground feel has been the heart of Chinatown for almost 2 decades and we are honored to tear it up in there.  Also I was scrolling instagram and heard a killer blues rock track - it was called "Jacket" by Flamingo Rider.  I looked up the band and turns out -  they're from freaking MAUI!!!  We invited them to fly over and come play right before us, so come check them out, you're gonna love them!  Live music from 7p-11p and then my fav DJ Soundsex til close.  Come party with us!  Nextdoor has limited reserved seating and bottle service available if you don't want to stand all night.

$19 General Admission, $100 Reserved Seating for 2, $250 & $400 bottle service for 4