Kings of Spade are a high energy, blues loving, foot stomping, soul stirring rock band from Honolulu, Hawaii.  They have opened for Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi, toured domestically and internationally with Kings X,  and their latest self-titled album was recorded and produced by Dave Cobb in Nashville, TN.  

Vocals:  KC

Drums: Matt Kato

Bass: Tim Corker

Guitar: Paul Nelson

“One of Oahu’s hottest Rock bands…” ~ Jon Woodhouse, Maui News 

“Kings Of Spade ROCKED the Festival of Lights!” ~ Paty Elias, 

“Kings of Spade came out very energetic; fronted by the powerful vocals of KC, the band came to kick some ass. The band’s performance was a demonstration of what has made them a band on the rise.” ~ George Archibald – (Cleveland) 

“Playing classy, soulful hard rock with a relentlessly funky groove topped by KC’s powerhouse vocals, which are very much in the Janis Joplin/Aretha Franklin arena… they waste no time in winning over the audience.” ~ Robin Askew – (Bristol, UK) 

“Kings of Spade blew everyone away! ….While KC looked like he could knock your teeth out, instead he blew your socks off and was capable of summoning both the soft voice of an angel and the most heart wrenching, Blues-soaked screams you will hear.” ~ (London, UK) 

“A synergistic and explosively charismatic group of performers.” ~ Tracy Chan, 

Genre:  Rock / Alternative Rock / Nu-Blues / Punk Blues / Soul Rock 

For Fans Of:  Rival Sons, Black Keys, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin

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